About Yamato Farm

About Yamato Farm

Located in Shiojiri, Nagao, Japan, Yamato Farm has been family owned and operated for three generations.  From July through November, we proudly produce fresh juice out of all of our fresh fruits grown right here on the farm.

We grow only the freshest and highest quality produce.  All of our fruits are picked and instantly pressed whole into wonderfully fresh juice. Among the fruits we produce are apples, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, peaches and even more.  

Our passion and love for fruits, combined with our fertile soil, make our juice incredibly fresh and tasty. We can’t wait to see you enjoy our products!

How it all started

Our story goes back over three generations.

Around the 1900’s, the founder of our farm, Seijiro Yamato, and his family moved from Osaka and settled in Shiojiri.  They built a small log cabin with timbers hewn from the woods of our farm. This is how the modest start of Yamato Farm as we know it.

The land of Shiojiri is particularly blessed in that it sits well above the floodplain of the Kiso River while also having excellent soils and relatively flat topography.  Over the years the farm reduced some in size, but the heart of the farm remains intact.  Even the original log cabin survives today as part of the original farmhouse, where you can see some memorabilia that vividly shows the history of our farm.

For many of the early years, the family operated as sustenance farmers, growing and raising what they needed to support themselves through a variety of crops and livestock.  But by the early 1940’s, the family transitioned to taking making fresh juice so that a wider base of customers can an access to the rich taste of our fruits.  Over the years, the farm came to focus more and more on making fresh and tasty juice.

Now and future

These days, we’ve put more focus into building up new channels to distribute our products such as Internet. Business has been better than ever, and we attribute all of that success to the overwhelming support of all of our customers. 

All of our juice products are gifts from the soil of Shiojiri, which is one of the most beautiful lands in Japan. With pride and enthusiasm, we look forward to delivering our products to you.

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